"Be Me": plaster cast, 22 x 22 x 10 cm, 2022

The home sculptures “Be Me” are a visual remix and interpretation of the homonymous song by Andrew Smith / Jasen Loveland, an architect, musician, and partner in crime. The song was released at the end of 2020.

Background of the sculptures:
In Japanese Shinto belief, “Rokune Purification” aims at “cleaning the six roots of perception”, which includes the five senses as well as 意識 (consciousness). This form of purification can happen, for instance, by cutting oneself off from the busy world, possibly at the heights of the Mount Fuji.
Fuji-tsuka are sacred artificial mounds that serve as substitute pilgrimage sites of the Mount Fuji, for people who cannot make their way to the original one. Over a hundred of them can be found in Tokyo and many more in the prefectures surrounding the Mount Fuji, located in yet barely traceable hideouts as likely as in popular public spaces.
As a matter of scale, the portable miniature sculptures “Be Me” bring this sacred space all the way to your home, maybe onto your desk, window sill, next to your plant pots, on a shelf between some books and records, or onto the floor. Get purified at home!

The sculptures can be acquired on a donation basis. Contact me via nina.wiesnagrotzki@gmail.com or Instagram:@thumb_wrestler